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Pardot Engagement Studio – How it works and what does it offer?

Engagement Studio, Lead Nurturing, Pardot

Pardot engagement studio is a lead nurturing tool that uses a personalized approach to email marketing. You can design a series of automated email interactions...


Discussing Categories of CRM: Operational CRM

CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Service Automation

The vastly accepted classifications of CRM are Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative. These classifications provide a general idea about CRM’s strong points because the core features...


How Pardot Lets You Manage Leads Through Scoring and Grading

Marketing Automation

Pardot offers a system of scoring, grading and measuring leads in the marketing/sales funnel so you can make informed decisions about the quality of a...


Why do Startups and SMBs need CRM?


Regardless of a business’ size, customer relationship management software is a means to control their sales data, and in some cases, the marketing data too....

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