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3 Methods to Remove Irrelevant Prospects from your Database

By seamlessideas

Pardot has a mailable prospect limit of ten thousand by default. If you exceed that, you will either have to purchase another ten thousand spots or you can remove some of the existing mailable prospects from the database.

Let’s discuss how to remove any irrelevant and wrong prospects in case you don’t plan to purchase more data capacity from Pardot.

Method 1 – Remove the Rubbish Prospects 

Any prospects that were created only for test purposes come under this category. Get rid of them all. Similarly, all prospects whose email addresses contain words like fake, check, test, start with a@ or b@, are also usually junk prospects providing no value. 

Method 2 – Send prospects to Recycle Bin

Any prospects you send to the recycle bin are not counted among mailable prospects. So, on a temporary basis you can be a little imaginative and send some lists of prospects to the recycle bin who are currently not required to be sent any emails. The thing with prospects in Recycle bin is that Pardot doesn’t stop tracking the prospect activity via cookies or delete existing data on them. Also, if the “deleted” prospect submits another form or someone restores their status, they are back on.

Method 3 – Delete prospects with very little or no activity

Prospects that have been in the system for a long time without much activity or interest on their part are a good candidate to be marked “Do Not Email” or sent to a recycle bin so they are not counted into mailable prospects. Any prospect who doesn’t open emails or visits the website or responds to your communication in any way shouldn’t ideally be occupying a limited spot in your database. However, be careful in marking their status “Do Not Email” because remember, it is pretty hard to have that status revoked without a support ticket.

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