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You may have successfully implemented your CRM platform, but it’s unlikely to operate effectively without well-trained users and/or administrators. Our CRM training focuses on educating each of your teams on the important fundamentals of operating your CRM system for their business area; from sales and operations through to marketing, customer services and management.

Competency tired training

Upskill your current users with advanced feature training.


Best practice consultancy training

A CRM strategy consultant delivers training. You will learn at an operational, technical, and strategic level, depending on your teams’ knowledge.


CRM adoption

We work with individual teams to understand where CRM could really bring value in their daily work, then demonstrate the functionality. When users see how technology can help them, they're much more likely to embrace it.


Ultimate guide to CRM

A CRM enables you to achieve your various business goals by making it easier to manage and sustain Read more

Buyer’s guide for CRM expert

This guide provides extremely relevant information about selecting, hiring and working with a CRM Read more

Pardot Engagement Studio

Pardot engagement studio is a lead nurturing tool that uses a personalized approach to email marketing. Read more

Discussing Categories of CRM

The vastly accepted classifications of CRM are Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative. Read more

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Rizwan Malik

Founder, CEO

With over ten years' Salesforce experience, Rizwan has grown Seamlessideas into a successful consultancy and strategic Salesforce partner.

Jill Tracey

Program Management Lead

Jill’s ten years’ of experience in client-side Sales, Marketing and CRM provides an invaluable client-centric approach and understanding to program management.

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