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Vue.JS Developer

Department: Development Team

Schedule: Full-time

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Required skills

  1. Mastery of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (ES6) adhering to industry defined coding standards
  2. Commercial experience in Vue.JS (ideally)
  3. Commercial Experience with a Type Checking language either Flow or TypeScript (we use TypeScript)
  4. Commercial experience of unit testing/Integration/end-to-end testing (we use Jest, React-testing-libraries and Cypress)
  5. Experience of using CSS pre-processors, CSS-in-JS (we use SASS and styled components)
  6. Commercial experience of JavaScript ecosystem tooling such as linters/formatters/bundlers (we ESlint/Prettier/webpack)
  7. Solid understanding of the Agile methodology i.e. Story point estimation, refinement, sprint planning, retrospective, sprint demos
  8. Commercial experience of using version control tooling (GIT) in a large development team performing Continuous Integration
  9. Good understanding/awareness of Accessibility, SEO Principles, Security, Performance best practices
  10. A desire to write readable, maintainable, modular and extendable code
  11. Experience in bringing multiple viewport responsive and adaptive web designs to life
  12. The candidate has to have good communication skills and capability to interact directly with the wider team (show and tells/requirement analysis sessions/retrospectives etc)

If you know some of this even better!

  1. Knowledge of Node and NextJS
  2. Commercial experience on the e-commerce Hybris platform
  3. Commercial experience of working in a digital agency environment
  4. Commercial experience in React/Angular.JS
  5. Experience of working on Java/Node/C#/PHP projects would be extremely advantageous
  6. Experience with content management platforms such as AEM
  7. Commercial experience in building headless solutions

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