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Smart Group is a collection of corporate hospitality, catering and event management businesses with over two decades of experience.

They have hosted, catered and managed sporting events such as the Royal Ascot Village, Olympics & Wimbledon, as well as corporate functions like the Sports Industry Awards, Christmas parties for Mercedes-Benz Formula One and conferences for Adobe and Google.

Problem Statement

Smart Groups system architecture was disconnected, inefficient and required many manual hours to support the processes. Due to gaps in the system, processes and human error the data integrity was compromised. The sales, marketing and finance department could not access structured data that compromised sales and customer relations.

The legacy systems and processes – Twinkle, My Party – to manage self-service bookings were inadequate. The back office staff had to manually intervene for transactions, booking amendments, and to manage Corky which drained office resources.

Business Challenges

Smart Group were looking to integrate, automate and optimise their existing systems. Safeguarding and better management of user data was also their goal.

High Volume of Manual Booking Management Manual intervention was needed to manage booking and reservations

Dedicated Time Required for Tedious Manual Tasks Manual creation of proposals, manual record checking and manual email reminders from finance

Silo Systems Separate booking and reservation systems for event parties and drinks

Limited Data Flow Inadequate and non-integrated self-service booking systems

Lack of Data Governance Data was prone to be compromised due to human error and gaps in different processes

Weak User Adoption Lack of user engagement and leadership

Absence of Automation Lack of automated workflows and processes

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Implemented Solutions

Integrated Systems and Enhanced Data Flow Fully integrated reservation and booking systems

End-to-End Customer Management Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity and Booking management system built on Salesforce Sales Cloud

Improved Event Scheduling Customised calendar for group-wide event scheduling

Operational Community Portal for End-Users A fully functioning customer community for ticket purchasing and handling

Digitised and Automated Invoicing and Payment Reminders Digitised product catalogues and pricing systems with automated invoicing and billing

SagePay Online Integration Online payment integration with SagePay plus a refund management process implemented

End-User Automated Engagement Email marketing automation and surveys with Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce CRM

Seamless Ideas is dedicated to seeing you through from the initial setup to when you crush your business goals


After implementing the solutions proposed by Seamlessideas, Smart Group saw definite improvement in their business processes. The feedback from customers and employees has been extremely positive and the overall Salesforce implementation has been a success. We continue to work closely with Smart Group, enhancing their system further to manage new products, services and system integrations.

Improved Customer Experience Increased customer engagement and satisfaction level

Increased Operational Effectiveness Optimised internal team performance with a vast drop in manual intervention required to complete tasks

Greater Group-wide Collaboration and Cross-selling Each business unit now had cross-Group visibility of clients and events to maximise on cross-selling opportunities

Greater Data Governance More secured data management across integrations, data flow and data handling

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