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Buffalo 7

Buffalo 7 are a digital design agency who specialise in turning everyday presentations (such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi) into high-quality, professional slide deck with the vision of ‘turning the unremarkable into the incredible’.

Their Service, Sales and Project teams work closely to deliver an unrivalled end-to-end design management process with high-end results.

Business Challenges

Buffalo 7 were using an alternative CRM solution (Pipedrive) for the past 5 years and a separate system to manage their projects. Up until recently, these had been fit for purpose. But in the last 12-18 months the staff headcount and turnover has almost doubled and the ability to build more advanced functionality around their CRM/Project systems has become a necessity. The main challenges identified are listed below.

Multiple Systems Data replicated across several systems meaning there was no single-customer view

Management Information Very difficult to report on Sales lifecycle and forecasts

Managing Communications Unable to combine all communication channels in to one central location

Manual Data Entry Double entry required from CRM to Project Management to Invoicing systems

Invoicing Inability to generate invoices from current CRM

Calendar Integration Unable to link their Google calendars in to current CRM solution

We challenge the limits and create impactful experiences to help our customers grow

Implemented Solutions

During an on site sessions with the project team, we identified and prioritised all of Buffalo 7’s requirements. Seamlessideas then documented a proposed solution and implemented the following features:

Case Management Developed case functionality to allow the management of inbound enquiries

Live Agent Implemented Live Agent web chat to manage customer enquiries from the website

Web-to-Case For queries outside of business hours, Seamlessideas implemented Web-to-Case forms

Email-to-Case Linked the support desk’s central email box so that email enquiries can managed from Salesforce

Sales Process Defined the end-to-end sales process and developed Leads, Accounts and Contacts to manage the process

Xero Integration Implemented the Breadwinner application to integrate Xero with ‘Mission Control’ projects

Salesforce Inbox Implemented Salesforce Inbox and delivered roll-out to users

E-signatures Integrated DocuSign into Salesforce Opportunities, creating multiple dynamic document templates with ability to pull through Salesforce data

Train-the-Trainer Ran a train-the-trainer session to give Buffalo 7 the ability and tools to train all current and future users internally

We challenge the limits and create impactful experiences to help our customers grow


Our work with Buffalo 7 proved to be a resounding success. Here are some details below.

50% Increase in Lead Conversions With cases working as a qualification area where leads are separated from enquiries, the percentage of new leads converting has increased by 50%

22% Time Reduction in Sales Lifecycle Through process engineering and effective automation, the average end-to-end sales lifecycle time has been reduced by 22%

71% Reduction in Response Times With Docusign in place, the average time to receive responses to signature requests has been reduced from 7 days to 2 days

Stat 1

Seamless transition from legacy systems to Salesforce Pardot with data consolidated

Stat 2

Seamless transition from legacy systems to Salesforce Pardot with data consolidated and finely integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Stat 3

Seamless transition from legacy systems

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