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360 Resourcing is a versatile resourcing company that operates in multiple sectors ranging from tech, advertising and traditional head hunting to much more. They have a huge team of consultants, resources, IT developers and support that helps them provide recruitment strategies and solutions to clients of all sizes.

Business Challenges

360 Resourcing needed to move to a system that makes their business model more sustainable and capable of meeting business needs with improvement in productivity, sales and customer retention.

Lack of automation Lack of automation led to manual processes, manual reporting and insights gathering. Tracking sales and all prior work was being done with excel reports. Additionally, double entry was required from Engage to Sage.

Data Data governance and validation was suspect and potentially capable of compromising data integrity.

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Implemented solutions

After running several requirements gathering sessions with the 360 Resourcing teams, Seamless Ideas documented a proposed solution and implemented the following features.

Technological Transformation Migration to Salesforce in a way that provides room for further development. We also conducted a complete data migration from the legacy system along with migration of key marketing, sales and reporting processes onto the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Robust Processes for Growth Lead, Account and Contact management could now be handled from one platform with automated workflows as well as Opportunity management and integration with marketing. We also provided full system training for Sales, Marketing and Management users.

Custom Solutions We developed a customised Quoting solution which was less time consuming and more efficient. Our analysts created custom objects and processes to manage job postings from within Salesforce.

Data Governance We managed data consolidation and migration from legacy systems, added data validations to ensure the data quality was maintained and adhered to sales processes and built duplication rules to reduce duplicate records being entered.

Data Visibility We also defined robust and effective Marketing and Sales processes and enabled sales and marketing reports and dashboards to allow full reporting on Pipelines and campaign ROI.

Enhanced Operations with Automation We managed the Pardot marketing automation implementation and integration for email marketing and drip campaigns as well as automation of key communications, system updates and task creation.

Seamless Ideas has helped over 250 clients with increased revenue, insight, efficiency and customer satisfaction


360 Resourcing felt a truly positive impact from their system implementation and have maintained high quality data governance ever since. Their sales processes continue to be adhered to with the help of their data validations. The implementation of Pardot also helped define 360 Resourcing’s marketing & sales automation and communications which they continue to follow today.

More Efficient Customer Journey Opportunities management in salesforce and integration with Pardot marketing suite allowed 360 resourcing to guide their customers throughout the journey with the help of detailed data and automated processes.

Improved Business Processes Streamlined the overall marketing and sales processes, especially within the system with the help of robust automation and clearly defined permissions and access levels

Successful Migration from the Legacy System Migration of key marketing, sales and reporting processes onto the mobile accessible Salesforce Lightning Platform with intuitive interface, workflow automation and security. The system can now handle future business requirements effectively and is responsive to change for future development.

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