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Buyer's guide to choosing your CRM partner for start-ups and small businesses

What is inside?

  • Importance and benefits of hiring a CRM partner
  • Firsthand account by our senior CRM director of problems faced by businesses during CRM adoption
  • Questions you need to ask your CRM partner before hiring
  • How to hire a CRM partner and harness their expertise with the right process

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    What does this buyer’s guide offer?

    This guide provides valuable advice for business leaders on selecting, hiring and working with a CRM partner when embarking on a CRM implementation.

    When you finish reading this guide we hope you’ll feel more confident, more informed, and ready to hire the right CRM partner/consultant for your CRM project.

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    Rizwan Malik

    Founder, CEO

    With over ten years' Salesforce experience, Rizwan has grown Seamlessideas into a successful consultancy and strategic Salesforce partner.

    Jill Tracey

    Program Management Lead

    Jill’s ten years’ of experience in client-side Sales, Marketing and CRM provides an invaluable client-centric approach and understanding to program management.

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